Symptoms and
Diagnosis Articles
08.2009 Bad power supply affecting equipment performance?
02.2009 Sacrificing comfort to save costs?
12.2008 Uncomfortable building occupants?
11.2008 Dirty sock smell in your building?
10.2008 Dealing with failures after routine maintenance
09.2008 Rising energy costs
08.2008 Spends too much time on hot and cold calls
About Building Doctor

Maintaining a healthy building is complicated. Monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting buildings is a challenging job that requires constant attention. Keeping abreast of industry trends is critical because the market and knowledge base is regularly changing, but that is difficult to do with work and time demands. Building Doctor is designed for building maintenance professionals who have limited time. We've tried to take a very complicated subject and break it into bite-sized pieces as a quick reference and education tool.

Symptoms building professionals may be encountering in their work and a diagnosis on how to address that symptom are provided monthly. Support documents such as application notes, industry links, posters, or charts will be provided with each symptom so building professionals can research a topic further if desired. Information on Fluke products and how they can help solve building health issues is also available.

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